A versatile educator, Sarah Langford has experience as a private voice and acting teacher, stage director, vocal adjudicator, and master class presenter. In addition to teaching vocal technique, stagecraft and acting methods Sarah encourages her students to perform frequently. Not only is Sarah deeply committed to teaching healthy vocal technique, she is also equally invested in both the artistic and personal growth of her students.


Sarah has a taught acting and singing and directed on her stage many performers who now have gone on to have grace international stages. These performers include: Jessica MuirheadAriana ChrisPeter McGillvray, Shantelle Przybylo, Victor Micallef (Canadian Tenors), and Deborah Cox (Grammy® nominated & Broadway performer), to name a few.




Are voice lessons with Sarah Langford right for you?

You might be a good fit for Sarah Langford Studios if:

  • You go after what you want in life.
  • You seek a diverse, professionally-trained instrument.
  • You aren't afraid to hard work to get the results you want.
  • You're looking for an expert instructor with decades of performance and teaching experience.
  • Singing is your true passion.
  • You promise to thank Sarah when you win your first Tony Award!

Become the trained singer you dream of being.


Q: When are you available for lessons?

A: Private sessions can be booked Tuesday-Saturday. Both daytime and evening appointments are available.

Q: Where is your studio located?

A: I teach in Toronto, Bradford, and Aurora. I also am available to teach via Skype for long distance pupils.

Q: What are your lessons like?

A: Lessons are one hour. They begin with a body warm up, a voice warm up and a stylized technical session working towards specific individual goals. At every lesson students will perform repertoire and apply their technique to songs.

Q: What style of singing do you teach?

A: This is defined by the students needs. Some students have great basic technique, a great voice, but need help with performance nerves. Others are starting from scratch, have never had a lesson and would like to know how they can improve their voice. Some students need help changing their sound from a “classical” sounding voice to a modern sound. Some students haven’t found their mid voice, others don’t know what a head voice is and some are having difficulty with a mid voice belt. Others just don’t understand why their voice breaks or cuts out, or hurts, or has no power. These are all issues I deal with, one on one, in the studio. Good singing technique can be applied to all styles of music, including musical theatre, classical, and pop.

Q: What acting methods do you teach?

A: Private students will be introduced to various schools of acting methods from Stanislavsky, through Meisner and Uta Hagen. Scene study and character development will also be explored.

Q: Do you teach group lessons?

A: I run master classes throughout the year but the private studio is a one on one environment.

Q: How often should I come for lessons?

A: Lessons should be on a regular basis (weekly or biweekly). Weekly is always best for continual improvement. The best results come from weekly one hour lessons combined with regular practice.

Q: Who do you teach?

A: I teach all singers, all ages and all levels of experience. I teach musical theatre performers preparing for auditions. I teach university students preparing for auditions for the various performance programs around the world. I teach professionals who are performing in professional opera, musical theatre, or as recording artists. I teach high school students. I teach adults who are choosing voice as a passionate hobby. I teach singer/songwriters. I teach beginner singers with big dreams. I teach other voice teachers. I teach people who are passionate about singing, and those just wanting to see if they really do have a singing voice.