On Challenges and Teamwork

Constancy, commitment and loyalty are all values I hope to instil in my theatre and voice students. Learning to follow through with something, even when it becomes hard work, seems like a lesson truly worth teaching. This is especially true in an age where disposability and convenience are embedded into our culture. We dispose of our phones to get the latest model. We give up on friendships when they are too hard or invest only in the people that can be useful to us. The modern world is about instant gratification; increasingly we steer away from endeavours that take time to achieve success in. 

What we forget is that hard work, persistence, and teamwork are universally respectable values. They too must be intentionally developed over time. 

There's always more to singing than just your lesson, and there's always more to developing skills in theatre than a drop-off, weekly class or performance. Participating in theatre is about building confidence, working as a team, striving for excellence and making it to the finish line with the support of your family and friends.

The passions are not like dreams for most of us. We don't wake up one morning and find they have miraculously come to us in the night. Likewise, they don't just vanish instantly either. Passions do not always reveal themselves with a snap of a finger. They are a result of fascination, dedication and the joy that comes with consistently doing something well. Passions are the result of endless hours spent mastering a skill.

Competence breeds confidence but success and accomplishment breeds self-esteem and social well-being. Hang in there for the dress rehearsals and final moments of polish because you're going to feel fantastic when your hard work entertains a large crowd of happy fans.

The true value of success lies in both the journey of consistent hard work and the light of accomplishment at the end of the road.

Stick it out.